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Mold Removal

Water damage isn’t always obvious. It can creep in over time, unnoticed until it’s already too late and you’re dealing with swollen, bubbling plaster and drywall, rotting wood, and peeling linoleum. It can happen in out of the way areas, and places that never see the light of day, like the spaces between walls or in the back of your closet, causing serious damage long before there’s a chance of detection. Damage that goes unnoticed initially by the occupants of your property can often be more serious than a flooded room, because it has happened over a long period of time, resulting in the type of damage that can’t be solved by simply drying the affected area back out.

Mold often chooses humid, out of the way places to colonize, and by the time you can see it, it’s often already too late to stop it without professional help. When water seeps into fabrics and carpeting, it can often be a simple enough task to use our professionally rated equipment to dry and sanitize it, leaving it restored back to its original condition. When water damage goes untreated, it can destabilize the entire structure, rotting the interior framework of your property over a long period of time, and necessitating much more serious remediation and restoration. The presence of untreated mold and water damage will usually devalue your property as well, because let’s face it—nobody wants to inherit your water damaged, mold infested property. The best way to deal with mold and water damage is to act quickly, and call (509) 547-8777 or email the professionals at Clean Image Carpet & Restoration at the first sign of water damage.

When mold infests your property, it isn’t always obvious right away. Slowly, you’ll begin to notice a thick, musty odor that seems to linger no matter how much you clean. This can mean that the mold has colonized a place that is not readily accessible. As mold spores from the colony float out into the air supply, people who inhabit the building may begin to experience unpleasant symptoms in reaction. Those with asthma or allergies will be particularly susceptible, but depending on the type of mold present, any living organism can be negatively affected. These mold spores are extremely mobile, they are invisible to the naked eye, and can travel freely through air ducts, as well as on clothing, hair, and shoes. Mold spores can trigger allergies but there are some types of mold that will affect anyone, whether they are allergic or not. The most harmful type of mold, and the one you most commonly hear about, is “black mold”. While the symptoms of black mold reaction can mimic the flu: fever, headaches, fatigue, nausea, breathing disorders and vomiting—the result of exposure can be much more long term than a simple illness. Exposure to certain types of mold has been linked to respiratory disease, so it is extremely important to deal with any suspected mold infestation quickly. At Clean Image Carpet & Restoration , our mold removal team has been trained in all the latest techniques to help contain mold and minimize the risks during our removal process. Call the experts at Clean Image Carpet & Restoration today, and let your safety be our concern.

Mold threatens your property any time there has been water damage. In the case of a sudden influx of water, such as outside flooding or a burst pipe, it is important to call an expert right away. Even if the water drains away on its own, simply putting down some fans and opening the windows will not be enough. In fact, even though it seems like the intuitively right answer, letting the affected area dry “naturally” can be a dangerous risk. Any time there has been a saturation event indoors, the water that evaporates up off of the affected items will linger in the atmosphere of the room. Even with the windows open and a fan going, the humidity will be raised. Now, when you add in the exposure to outside air—notoriously thick with mold spores—you may find yourself facing an ongoing crisis. It only takes a humidity that has raised above 45% for mold to find a comfortable home. Indeed, even if your home hasn’t suffered any flooding or water damage at all, mold can still be a problem. Temperature differentials caused by heating and air conditioning units can leave certain areas of your home or business damper than you realize. Sometimes moisture can form between the walls or in sub-floor areas, places that are difficult to monitor. Often, by the time mold is visible on an interior wall, the problem that you can’t see is far worse.

At Clean Image Carpet & Restoration we want you to know that when you call our mold removal team, you’re getting the best in the business. Following your call or email, we’ll send someone right out to you to assess the situation and begin containment so that other areas are less at risk for mold infestation. Every water damage restoration job is different, but a common thread that links them is often the presence of mold. We give each and every customer the undivided attention they expect from Clean Image Carpet & Restoration. At Clean Image Carpet & Restoration, we pride ourselves on giving individualized care to each and every one of our customers, choosing the restoration path that best suits your needs. Once we're on the scene, our IICRC certified team will safely identify and permanently neutralize any potential health hazards, whether they are due to contaminated water sources or mold infestation. Our plan of action will include how best to reach and remediate the mold that is already growing on your property, as well as preventing the spread of future colonies by remediating the problem at its source. Only when the source of the extra moisture has been dealt with will the area undergo a final dry-out and decontamination, ensuring that the job is done right the first time and won't reoccur. We can also help to determine whether or not the affected items in your home or office are salvageable. In the event of contaminated or otherwise unsalvageable items, we will assist in the removal of those items in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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